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Current Events

The current events page shows the current Impact Team Tennis leagues that are being offered by WATA for the outdoor sessions located in Rockville, MD and Washington, DC

What is Impact Team Tennis?

Impact Team Tennis is co-ed teams competing in a format that consists of 6 no-ad sets. One set each of men’s and women’s doubles followed by men’s and women’s singles, ending with 2 sets of mixed doubles. Total games won from all sets determines the winner. Substitutions and coaching are allowed during the match. The link to the ITT rules is

What is an Impact Team Tennis team?

Although the limit to the number of team members is ten, the suggested number of players is three men and three women. A minimum team consists of two men and two women.

Who can play?

Adults (18 & over) may sign up as a team or as an individual.

Levels of play offered are:

  • 3.0 and under
  • 3.5 and under
  • 4.0 and under
  • 4.5 and under

We are also offering a Corporate, Not-For-Profit and Government League

Spring Leagues

Summer Leagues