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Explore our events. We offer Friday Night Tennis, Tennis Tournaments, Tennis Socials and Impact Team Tennis.


We hold events at various tennis courts and locations in the Washington, DC-area. Find location near you.

About Us

The Washington Area Tennis Association is a 501c7 entity founded to promote tennis in Maryland & Washington, DC.

Impact Team Tennis

The Washington Tennis Association and Impact Team Tennis (formerly known as World Team Tennis) is tennis that lets its hair down and has its collar loosened. It’s as far as you can get from old school tennis. We encourage our players to cheer on their teammates,  coach and substitute.

Whether it’s serving up aces, volleying with precision, or just enjoying a casual hit, we’re always ready to hit the court.
Impact Team Tennis Rules

Impact Team Tennis (formerly known as World Team Tennis) co-founder, Billie Jean King, explains the unique format and rules of ITT, including co-ed teams, on court coaching, substitutions, and more.

The Excitement of ITT
Community Leagues

Impact Team Tennis (formerly known as World Team Tennis) isn’t just for the pros! See what makes the ITT Community League program so exciting for players around the country just like you!

Billy Jean King
Billy Jean King
WTT Co-Founder

If you have ever seen a WTT match you have seen my philosophy of life in action – men and women, competing together, on a team and both genders making equal contributions to the result.

a couple holding tennis rackets
Antonio Papel
Captain 4.0 Team

A one site tennis for everyone. From beginners, intermediate, to advanced. Fully integrated with choice of categories, flexibility, for fun games and competition. This helped my team’s journey to WTT Nationals for three years and won it in 2018.


Learn how the Washington Area Tennis Association strives to fulfill ESG